Welcome to U.S.-China-Taiwan Relations

The purpose of this website is to explore the Taiwan factor in Sino-American strategic relations. Although a small island, Taiwan has significant geostrategic and geopolitical value from the security points of view of both Beijing and Washington, as well as other Asian-Pacific capitals. Taiwan also has impressive historical, cultural, political, and ideological value from many perspectives. And, then, there are the economic and technological contributions Taiwan makes to the global economy. When all of these considerations are taken into account, the importance of Taiwan appears far greater than its territorial or population size would suggest. It is the cumulative importance of Taiwan that makes the Taiwan issue in Sino-American relations of considerable interest to citizens, scholars, and statesmen around the world.

The website will present a series of articles discussing the Taiwan issue from different levels of analysis, with particular focus on the strategic perspectives of Washington, Beijing, and Taipei. The author of these articles, some previously published and some new, is Martin Lasater. He has been a close observer of the Taiwan issue for several years and may be contacted at mlasater@comcast.net.