US-China-Taiwan Relations

This e-book discusses the complex relationship between the United States, China, and Taiwan.

Taiwan has long been recognized as one of the most sensitive issues in Sino-American relations. The Taiwan Strait is a focus of great tension in East Asia that could lead to a major conflict involving not only the U.S., China, and Taiwan, but also Japan and Australia (as allies of the U.S.). There is also the possibility of the two Koreas and parts of Southeast Asia becoming engaged in the conflict, should one of these nations wish to assert its position militarily in locally disputed areas.

The format of the e-book will be a series of essays in which various dimensions of U.S.-China-Taiwan relations are discussed. The essays are intended for a general audience but are also relevant to public policy. The essays will be relatively short and to the point, without extensive footnotes.

These essays are based on nearly three decades of observation and involvement in the issues discussed. The views expressed are solely my own. Your comments are welcomed and can sent to the e-mail address found on the Contact page.

Dr. Martin L. Lasater
October 2011